Request Patterns

We recommend that you update every 2 minutes. A timestamp should generally be applied in every request. For bulk import load and start-up-purposes, you may employ a timestamp of 0, which will give you the maximum number of items. The standard numbers of items returned are a maximum of 1000 for Transfers and Transfer Rumours whereas Suspensions and Injuries will provide 250 items or an unlimited number of data pages of 250 items each. The maxlimit-parameter allows you to control the number of items returned, e.g. top 5 most recently updated items.

The timestamp format is the UNIX-timestamp, e.g. 1362130707 corresponding to (03/01/13 @ 3:38:27am EST or 2013-03-01 10:38:27 GMT+1), which can be obtained on most platforms and systems by calling a time-function (e.g. PHP: time(), Java: getTime(), JavaScript: getTime(), .NET:DateTime-structure). You can also get the current timestamp (on the XML Sports Feeds-server) by calling:

The recommended pattern for requests, once you have done a bulk import, is as outlined below:

The advantage with this approach is that you get only the delta of items, i.e. only xml-items that are new since the last request.